travel airport portable charger

Awesome travel gadgets and apps you’ll love on your next trip

travel airport portable charger

Aside from the convenience they offer, these will also give you peace of mind while you’re away.

Regardless of whether you’re on the vacation of a lifetime or you’re headed away for a vital business conference, having the right travel gadgets – such as a portable charger, of course – can help to bring you tremendous peace of mind.

While many of the greatest ways to keep yourself worry-free is through devices, apps can be helpful, too.

For many travelers, the best gadget for giving peace of mind while away from home is a portable charger. When you have a large capacity but small and slim-sized external battery pack, you can take comfort in knowing that regardless of how much time you spend in the train station, at the airport, on the bus, or on the plane, you’ll always have enough charge in your smartphone, tablet, or other rechargeable device to be able to keep yourself connected and occupied.

Still, a portable charger is only the jumping-off point for giving yourself a bit of comfort while you’re away.

• Home monitoring system – connect your old Android or iOS tablet or smartphone into a video camera that you can use to monitor your home while you’re away. Connect your device to your home’s WiFi and turn on a free app called “Presence”. It turns any web cam into a motion detector and will provide you with a video notification should it detect any kind of activity. When you receive the message, you can check out the video of what it says is motion in your home and you can decide whether or not everything is as it should be.
• Travel humidifier – when you spend a lot of time in hotels, you know how dry the air can be. Regardless of whether the climate control is using air conditioning or heating, the air can feel as dry as a desert. This makes your skin uncomfortable and can have an impact on your breathing and overall respiratory health. The Acoustic Audio Tek travel humidifier is powered by a USB cable and uses a water bottle as a source of the liquid it uses to make it easier for you to breathe and enjoy your stay.
• Luggage tracker – if you worry that you’ll reach your destination but your luggage won’t, then the TrakDot luggage tracker may be what you need. It uses cellular technology to ping the closest cell tower upon landing. It then sends you an email or text message so you can use your smartphone to check which city your luggage has reached – hopefully it’s the same one as you!