best boating accessories

The best boating accessories to keep you safe this summer

best boating accessories

As you head out on the water, make sure you’re bringing everything you need for safety and fun.

With summer well underway, you know the importance of having the best boating accessories to having the most fun. That said, they’re very important for making sure you’re safe while on the water, too.

Take a moment to check to make sure you still have everything you need before heading out.

Though this is a good idea every time you take the boat out, partway through the summer is the right time for a thorough check. As the summer progresses, there are things that are taken out and added to the equipment stored on your boat. Give things a check to be sure you still have the best boating accessories onboard and they’re in top condition.

Use the following list of the best boating accessories to be sure you have everything you need.

• Personal floatation devices (PFDs) – you should have enough for every passenger. This means not only the right number but also the right fit. If everyone isn’t already wearing them as you board, they should be stored in a place that will make them readily accessible.
• Your current boat registration (or at least a copy) kept in a waterproof pouch, sleeve or bag).
• First aid kit.
• Water, not alcohol – it’s fine to bring beverages aboard your boat, but leave the alcohol on the shore for when you return. Alcohol and boating are not a safe mix.
• Proper signaling devices and lighting
• A spare kill switch clip
• Spare spark plugs
• A spare gas cap
• A spare engine pull-cord
• A wrench and a rubber mallet
• A multi-tool
• A portable jump starter or at least jumper cables
• Lubricating/cleaning spray
• A spare propeller and a floating prop wrench
• Duct tape
• Life preserver
• Rope
• Smartphone and an external mobile charger that will allow you to keep up communication, to use a flashlight app and to access information such as your GPS. Keep these in a waterproof bag or at the very least a water resistant case.