sound smartphone battery charger

Smartphone battery charger tech could use a noisy room to power a device

sound smartphone battery charger

Researchers have now come up with a new strategy to avoid running out of charge on a mobile device.

Despite the fact that the majority of people now own cell phones, smartphone battery charger tech has been moving along a slower path than the rate of improvements of the handsets.

That could be about to change as British researchers have come up with a new charging tech that uses sound.

The idea behind the research is that everyday background noise could actually become a source of energy in a special form of smartphone battery charger. The researchers are from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). While working with Nokia, they have already created a prototype device that is able to gain enough power from a regular noisy environment to be able to charge up a smartphone.

Possible sources of energy for this smartphone battery charger include heavy traffic or a sports event.

Sounds that would otherwise be considered to be nuisance noise could charge up an external battery charger. The device is about the size of a premium smartphone and is made out of nanogenerators that turn the vibrations of soundwaves into the electricity that powers up the battery.

This is only the latest development to make headlines in smartphone battery technology, but it reveals that there could be a future in which we never have to worry about running out of power on our mobile devices.

That said, even today there are some options to tide us over until the music we are listening to is all that is needed to charge up our devices. At the moment, there are a range of small sized, lightweight, portable power banks that can provide a smartphone with charge more than once and ensure that we never need to worry about running out of battery.

It is clear that an external smartphone battery charger is the solution to the limits of the power sources that are built into today’s mobile devices. Taking advantage of today’s tech allows us to overcome the risk of running out of charge while we’re on the go, and in the tradition of mobile technology, these options will only steadily improve.

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