family staycation essentials

Top 8 staycation essentials you can’t afford to leave behind

family staycation essentials

This years, everything from the right tech accessories to safety supplies need to make it into your bag.

The end of the school year is on its way. For some, only a few days remain. For many families, this means that it’s time to get on a plane or hit the road to head out of town, out of state or even out of the country. That said, for more of us than ever before, a staycation is this summer’s plan. For that, the right staycation essentials need to be packed to ensure the most fun.

In fact, for many families, several staycations are already being added to the summer itinerary.

No matter where you live or where you plan to go, there are certain staycation essentials that are always relevant. They’ll ensure your family stays comfortable, entertained, and safe all within a small amount of space. With the right planning and travel accessories, these mini-vacations close to home will be just as much fun as a trip to another country or continent. Whether you head to a beach, national park, zoo, museum or to see a number of incredible local landmarks, it’s not the distance you travel that counts. It’s the experience you create for yourself.

Consider the following best staycation essentials to guarantee your local vacation will be the best one yet.

1. Auto safety tool – The Mogix Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Plus 5-in-1 Life Saving Tools makes sure that no matter how far you drive, you’ll be prepared for anything. It gives you what you need to prevent issues and to keep your family safe against the problems you couldn’t prevent.
2. Refillable water bottles – Bring enough water for everyone, plus extras. If you can, avoid the inclination to use disposable water bottles. They’re terrible for the environment. With refillable bottles, you’ll not only have some with you, but you’ll be able to fill them up again if you need to. All this while staying green.
3. A basic first-aid kit – Make sure it includes a number of different sizes of adhesive bandages as well as antibacterial spray and a spray bottle filled with water that will let you clean off the wound or cool down an overheated face – or one that is hot with tears from a painful boo-boo.
4. Lip balm – Something as small as dry, chapped lips can be all it takes to make for a very uncomfortable family member. A bit of lip balm – preferably one with SPF 15 or higher – can make a big difference.
5. Over the counter medication – Anti-nausea medication, antihistamines and pain killers can save an entire vacation. Take care if you are considering administering these medications to children. New warnings and recommendations have been issued to parents regarding these drugs this year. Be aware of them before you give these non-prescription medications to kids.
6. Sunscreen – By putting sunscreen on at least every two hours, your family will finally be able to call this summer the one when nobody was sunburnt.
7. Backup battery pack – Take a travel case with a Mogix external battery pack as well as necessary charging cords. That way, smartphones, portable video game consoles and tablets will stay charged as long as you need them to.
8. Rain gear – Inexpensive plastic ponchos can be packed into a tiny space, provide tons of rain protection, and are easier to control than umbrellas.

Toss all these staycation essentials into a bag and you’ll be prepared for just about anything.