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10 Reasons a portable battery charger is the perfect gift for everyone you know

christmas gift Mogix portable battery charger

These days, it’s tough to think of a single person who doesn’t depend on a device based on a rechargeable battery in some form.

With Black Friday right in front of us, and the holidays approaching at a speed that feels faster this year than ever before, finding the ideal gift in the form of a portable battery charger can come as quite a relief, especially when you can find a great one at an incredible price.

Is a power bank really what everyone is going to want to see under the tree, this year? Yes!

A good quality portable battery charger isn’t just an emergency backup for a smartphone – which remains a great feature of this device. The average American isn’t limited exclusively to a cell phone when it comes to rechargeable battery powered gadgets and machines. From smartphones to tablets, from MP3 players to digital cameras, and even laptops and electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), we all use at least one of them, but it is more likely that we use several.

Pardon the cliché, but once you have a portable battery charger, you really will wonder how you lived without it.

Consider the following 10 situations and the difference that the right power bank can make:

1. Students – those in high school and particularly those in college are in desperate need of the ability to keep devices charged without having to remain at an electrical socket for hours.
2. Clients – what better way to show your appreciation than to provide them with a gift that is genuinely useful and that could even make it easier to reach you!
3. Spouses – if communication is the key to any successful relationship, then make sure that your husband or wife never funs out of cell phone charge.
4. Precious moments – never let picture and video-taking devices run out of juice in the middle of those moments that you want to remember forever.
5. Travelers –whether traveling across the country on vacation or around the world for that once in a lifetime trip, keep a cell phone, MP3 player, tablet, and camera running through every moment.
6. Busy parents – not only will moms and dads keep their own devices charged, but with a Mogix power bank, the dual ports can keep two kids’ MP3 players or tablets charging at once.
7. Mobile gamer – teens and young adults love their mobile games, but those apps are notorious energy pigs. Keep them playing with an external battery pack in their stocking.
8. Commuters – anyone who is stuck on a bus or a train for hours per day will appreciate the backup power that a battery pack can provide.
9. Vapers – for those who use electronic cigarettes or who have chose vaping as a way to help them quit, keeping these devices charged becomes an important consideration.
10. Yourself – at this busy time of year, you need your smartphone to stay fully charged to stay in touch with family members, to call or text to ask questions about gifts while you’re in store, and even to pop online to read product reviews and find the best deals. This can be a strain on your device battery and a great power bank can be a lifesaver (not to mention saving your sanity!).

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to not only choose a fantastic Mogix portable battery charger for yourself and everyone on your shopping list, but to do so at an unbeatable price!

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