travel accessories for university life college dorm

10 Travel accessories that double as college dorm life essentials

travel accessories for university life college dorm

Moving out on your own for the first time can mean you need a lot of new gear, but school residences have limited space.

When you’re headed off to school and leaving home for the first time, travel accessories can suddenly become some of your best friends. Their compact size and hugely practical designs can make a big difference in letting you live comfortably within a limited amount of space.

To help yourself to step into this new chapter of your life, consider some of these essentials as you pack.

The trick is to make sure that everything you bring from your back to school list serves a purpose. After all, you want to be able to use and enjoy everything, not feel like you’re crammed in with the clutter every time you step in through the door.

Some travel accessories, like compact or multipurpose gadgets and electronics, can go a long way to making your tiny space feel like a happy home throughout the school year.

Add these travel accessories to your back to school shopping list this year to give yourself an advantage at college.

1. Ear plugs – Whether your roommate snores or your neighbor never stops playing loud music – ever – you will be very glad to have these, especially on the nights before exams.
2. Portable battery pack – If you forgot to charge your phone or tablet overnight or the power failed, an external phone charger can let you juice up your device in your pocket or backpack.
3. Electronics travel case – A good quality travel case will protect your battery pack, but also your portable backup drives, stick drives and all your cables, while keeping them easy to find.
4. First aid kit – Travel emergency kits are great for providing the basics in case you cut yourself, get a blister or have to deal with any number of minor medical issues. Just don’t forget to top up the bandages and antibiotic ointment as you use them.
5. Laundry bag – Those drawstring duffels designed to let you keep your dirty laundry away from your clean clothes as you travel, are also great for dorm rooms because they barely take up any space at all (until they’re full!).
6. Travel cutlery – Even if you typically eat in the cafeteria, a set or two of travel or camp cutlery can make sure you have something eco-friendly to use when you bring takeout back to your room.
7. Travel mugs – At least two of these will become such an important part of your life that you might forget how your hand looks without one. Whether you like coffee or tea, these are your best classroom pals.
8. Flashlight – At the bare minimum, you should have a travel flashlight in case of power failure or having to walk along darkened paths or alleyways. Even better, have one that comes as a part of an auto safety tool with multiple features to keep your car – and yourself – safe when you drive.
9. Wireless speakers – Whether you listen to audio books or music, Bluetooth speakers let you do so where and when you want without getting wrapped up in cords and wires.
10. Travel games – Believe it or not, decks of cards and travel versions of board games can be a great way to break the ice and make some amazing lifelong friendships. These travel accessories are often overlooked but you’ll be more than glad you have them.