road trip cool travel gadgets

Cool travel gadgets you can’t miss for 2017 road trips

road trip cool travel gadgets

Some travel accessories are so awesome you just have to make sure you bring them with you.

Whether or not you have the right cool travel gadgets with you can make or break your road trip. This year, make sure you’re not leaving anything behind by packing this clever and unique life-savers for today’s savvy vacationer.

The travel items you need while crossing the country behind the wheel are different from those needed for flying.

After all, you’ll need your cool travel gadgets to be designed to be used for convenience and space saving when you’ll be trapped in a car for a large number of hours. Your focus is comfort and ease, without taking up one excessive inch of your trunk or vehicle interior.

This helps to explain why the Mogix Digital Tire Gauge with 5 in 1 Life Saving Tools has become a top hot travel item among road trippers from commuters to cross-country travelers. In one small-sized tool you can easily fit in your hand, you have an accurate digital tire gauge, flashlight, seat belt cutter, glass hammer, and tire tread depth gauge. For many road trippers, this gadget is a must for safety and peace of mind.

That said, many cool travel gadgets can help with different kinds of emergencies and discomforts.

• The Scrubba Wash Bag – We’ve all had a moment when we’ve been on a tip in the car and have spilled coffee, soda, mayo, ketchup, or any of a huge assortment of other messy lunch items onto our clothes. Does this mean you need to accept that the stain will set and you’ll be stuck with a stinking shirt or pants jammed in a plastic bag? Nope. This pocket-sized washing bag lets you clean your clothes in a touch of detergent and only 2 to 4 quarts of water. In under 3 minutes, your clothing will be fresh again. Whether you need to do a wash in the car, at a rest stop or in your motel room, you can save your clothing and your sense of smell at the same time.
• AirSelfie – This teensy selfie drone is great for any road trip. It can fly up to about 20 yards away and has a 5 megapixel camera. This lets you snap amazing areal selfies of you and your friends or family without skipping out on the incredible landmarks or scenery around you. Unlike more standard drones, this one is also small enough to keep handy in the car.
• Mogix External Battery Charger – with 10,400 mAh, you’re set for charging power for your smartphone, portable game console, tablet, or whatever other travel gadgets and devices you need to keep charged throughout your trip. In fact, with its 2 charging ports, you can keep two devices juiced up at the same time.

With these cool travel gadgets, you’ll be all set to keep everyone comfortable and happy while you enjoy the vacation of a lifetime with your family or friends.