mobile smartphone life hacks portable cell phone chargers

Portable cell phone chargers keep your smartphone life hacks powered up

mobile smartphone life hacks portable cell phone chargers

There are so many alternative ways to use your mobile, as long as your battery doesn’t run out.

If you didn’t think that portable cell phone chargers were important before, then you’ll certainly realize how important it is to keep your smartphone battery at full power once you learn these great hacks that use your device.

We already use our smartphones for talking, texting, email, apps, and surfing the web, but there is so much more.

Your smartphone torch or flashlight app can help you to light the way, but when you need a lot more lighting than that, simply add a clear water bottle on top of the device (make sure that the lid is on and it is room-temperature so that condensation doesn’t wet the smartphone!). Turn on the flashlight application and the bottle will suddenly providing a surprising amount of light. If you’re worried about your battery power, just plug your devices into portable cell phone chargers and you’re all set for hours of added light.

The key to all of these life hacks is to make sure your battery will last so keep your portable cell phone chargers handy.

That last hack was great for times when the power goes out or if you’re outside camping or on the patio at night. This next one is also perfect for when you’re somewhere other than at home or in your car because it gives your smartphone an amazing sound boost. Sit your smartphone inside an empty glass or an empty bowl and the sound will be amplified. This is perfect to play music outside at a gathering on the deck and it can also be very handy if you tend to sleep through your alarm and need more sound to wake you up.

If you find that you just have too much crammed in your head to be able to remember a lot of the little things, just use your device camera to do the remembering for you! Take a picture of your dash before you head into the service center so that you’ll know how many miles you have on your car when they ask. Speaking of your car, if you often forget where you parked it, take a picture of it in the lot, near some landmarks that won’t move away (for example, the vehicle parked beside it may drive off before you return, so try to take a picture with a labeled lamp post instead). Want to remember what you have in your pantry or your fridge when you grocery shop? Snap a picture so you’ll be able to check and see what you have before you buy more.

Keep your device charged. All of these smartphone hacks are only good if your battery still has power. Keep portable cell phone chargers in your pocket, purse, gym bag, briefcase, or even glove compartment so that you’ll always be sure.

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