mogix customer service portable charger

We put our customers first and it’s showing!

mogix customer service portable charger

Our portable charger is slim, light, and easy to use, but Mogix stands out because we care.

When it comes to the portable charger market, there is a lot of competition out there, but Mogix decided that it wouldn’t just stop at producing a very good quality, practical and affordable product, but that we also needed to stand behind our power bank and put our customers first. It’s working!

This has shown us that when we treat our customers right, they’ll respond very well, in return.

It’s not all that complicated. After all, we’ve all been taught the Golden Rule since we were toddlers: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Those elementary school teachers were right. Incidentally, they were also right about paying attention and not picking your nose…but that’s another story. In the case of treating our customers with support and respect, we have tried very hard to make sure to set our standards very high.

Our measure of success is not in the numbers regarding power charger sales but is in our positive reviews.

We Listen power bankIt’s not enough just to sell a product. Certainly, that is what keeps a business going, but making a sale is a short-term goal. We think long-term. For that, we have to make sure that customers are happy with excellent customer service to support a high quality external battery charger.

The following are just a tiny fraction of the customer reviews listed for our power bank on Amazon:

• “…Great product, great customer service, I am now a Mogix man for life!”

• “Wonderful product and Awesome service.”

• “…Excellent product & excellent customer service with follow-up to ensure I was satisfied with the product. Great company!”

What stands out about the reviews that we receive is that it isn’t just the product that is mentioned. So often, the feedback shows that our efforts to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with what we have received are working. In fact, in many cases, we’re able to exceed customer expectations. Why do we do this? Because it genuinely makes us feel great to help people!

Our approach to customer relations is designed on the Nordstroms model. This, combined with the pride that we have in our product and the considerable care and time that we took in testing it to make sure that we could rise above the competition makes certain that we stand behind every portable charger that we sell. We listen to what our customers want so that we could know for certain that this is exactly what they want – a top of the line product.

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