senior safety gadgets battery charger

Safety gadgets designed for seniors are more mobile

senior safety gadgets battery charger

Many personal emergency response systems (PERS) are allowing the elderly to remain protected outside the home.

Personal emergency response systems (PERS) have become phenomenal safety gadgets for seniors and individuals with mobility problems, giving them the ability to contact assistance if they should find themselves in distress.

Millions of people have been helped and even rescued because of these devices that they can wear around the house.

These safety gadgets traditionally consist of a button that is worn as a necklace or bracelet and that can be pushed in order to speak with a trained operator. Those devices are usually wirelessly connected to a central machine that is plugged into the wall socket and phone line, meaning that the service will only function within a certain distance from the central machine. However, mobile technology has made it possible to step outside the home and still maintain the additional level of security – provided that the battery stays charged up.

Therefore, portable battery chargers are now being seen as perfect complements to seniors safety gadgets.

Some of the top seniors security devices continue to be worn as pendants, or they can resemble basic cellular phones. Among the most popular are the Philips Lifeline GoSafe – a pendent button that allows for two-way communication at home through a landline, or away from home through the AT&T wireless network. That device also contains locating technology so that the service will be able to detect the wearer’s location in a time of distress.

The GreatCall Splash is another pendant style mobile gadget but that works like a cellular phone. It can be tucked into a pocket, worn on a belt, attached to a keychain, or worn around the neck. A push of a button connects the wearer with an operator and provides the general location of the user. It also has fall detection capabilities.

The Jitterbug5 is like an easy to use flip phone that includes a bright red 5* button that immediately connects the user to a service agent who can help in a time of distress.

These safety gadgets are making it possible for seniors to keep up their active lifestyles without having to be nervous about leaving the house. They are also making great gifts, particularly with a companion portable battery charger to make sure that the device will always have enough juice to function, even if the user forgot to plug it in when it was running low.

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