cell phone smartphone battery

Smartphone battery care and maintenance tips

cell phone smartphone battery

As is the case with the device, itself, it is important to treat your power source well to give it a longer life.

While cell phones may have become one of the largest technological revolutions in the last three decades in terms of the overall impact on the average person’s day to day life, it takes special care and attention to make sure that a smartphone battery will have the longest possible life.

A recent poll has shown that the vast majority of all Americans own a cell phone.

The specific statistic, which is that 87 percent of adults in the United States own one of these mobile devices, was produced by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion. There is only one thing that keeps these gadgets going, and that is the smartphone battery. For this reason, it is extremely worthwhile to know how to get the most out of that power pack so that it will not lose its charge as quickly and so that its overall lifetime will be greater.

The following are a few things that you can do to make sure that your smartphone battery will always be at its best.

Keep it clean – if your rechargeable battery is dirty, particularly in the area of its contacts, it will not be able to perform at its full capacity. There will be issues with providing power to the device and it will stunt the charging process. Use a microfiber cloth to carefully and gently wipe down the contacts. If there is visible dirt on the area, use a very tiny amount of rubbing alcohol to wipe down the contact points. Be sure to allow these areas to dry completely before returning the cell phone battery back into the device.
Keep it cool – it may feel convenient to simply chuck your smartphone onto the dash when you get in the car, but the sun radiates through the glass and can cause its temperature to rise. This is especially problematic when you will be leaving the device in the vehicle while it is parked (not to mention the fact that you are attracting thieves who will want to break in and steal it). If you need to leave your device in a car, tuck it into the glove box or under the seat, where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight.
Keep an external battery charger on hand – regardless of how well you treat your smartphone battery, there will still be times when you will run out of charge. By keeping a portable battery pack with you, you will always have a way to recharge.

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