Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone Battery Fire Report

Smartphone battery problems found in the Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone Battery Fire Report

Scailex Corp. has identified a problem with the power source in this model from the electronics giant.

An Israel based company called Scailex Corp. has recently released information regarding a discovery that it has recorded involving certain problems identified in the smartphone battery for the Galaxy S4 model from Samsung.

According to Scailex, there was an important malfunction occurring within those batteries which had been making headlines.

Local media had been reporting that the smartphone battery was not functioning properly and this prompted the Israel Securities Authority to request that an announcement be made about the issue. The report was released in Yedioth Ahronoth, the top selling Israeli newspaper. According to that release thousands of malfunctions had been identified in the power source of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Primarily, this involved a swelling of this device part. Among the reports that had been made by people who had experienced this occurrence, at least 20 had stated that the batteries had burst into flames following the swelling.

Scailex has also released more data about the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone batteries.

When the official statement was made by Scailex, it was to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. What they said was that “Starting in the third quarter of 2013, we began to receive indications of problems.” The speaker representing the company also further explained, saying that “The company was in constant and intensive contact with Samsung on the issue of these problems, and in February 2014 started an independent examination.” The statement also pointed out that the investigation was currently underway and was ongoing.

Though Scailex didn’t detail specifically what issues it had actually found, it has given Samsung that information along with a request that in exchange for that data, the electronics giant should also offer Scailex some clarifications about the swelling cell phone batteries.

According to Scailex, Samsung’s response was that the smartphone battery “operates according to the highest quality and safety standards.” It did point out that some external testing had already occurred and that what they had determined was that this situation would not cause the Galaxy S4 devices to become unsafe. Equally, it was working alongside local mobile operators to keep an eye on the matter.

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