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Top 5 iPhone battery tips to keep your smartphone charged

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There are a number of easy things that you can do to make sure you never run out of juice.

Knowing the ins and outs of your iPhone battery through the right tips that tell you when to turn off the device, which settings to tweak, and when to charge can help you to make sure that your battery stays charged the longest and that the overall lifetime of the power bank is extended.

We all know that a smartphone battery doesn’t live forever, but some smart moves can keep it healthy longer.

While most people can get an average use out of their iPhone battery, a few smart tips can help you to work around life, when it happens. There are times when you just don’t have your iPhone charger handy, but when you need to make sure that your smartphone will be there for you for that important phone call, to receive those vital texts, or just to make sure that the device features are actually available in case you need them over the next few hours.

Use the following iPhone battery tips to get the most life out of your device.

1. Carry a backup iPhone external battery charger. If you can’t connect yourself to an outlet for the next few hours, then keep a charged power bank with you so that you can recharge a couple of times, nonetheless. The latest external batteries are compact and lightweight and are easy to slip into a purse or even a jacket pocket.

2. Baby your device. Give the battery the luxury treatment by making sure that the contacts that connect your smartphone to its power source are kept clean. Keep the mobile device within a proper temperature, never letting it rise over 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Turn off services you’re not using. This is especially true of WiFi, since that service is a huge power pig. If you aren’t using it, just shut it off. Nothing is stopping you from turning it on again when you need it. Same goes for 4G LTE when you’re somewhere without a strong signal, or where the signal is absent. Maintain the screen brightness at the dimmest setting that you can stand. Shut down apps that are no longer in use so that they’re not running in the background, absorbing power.

4. Shut off push notifications. As much as they may be handy and fun, they gradually gobble up a surprising amount of energy. The same goes for location based services. Unless you truly need them, turn them off and conserve your battery.

5. Don’t overcharge your iPhone battery. Though it’s a great idea to keep it charged up when it has dropped under 50 percent, overcharging could reduce its capacity and overall lifetime. Unplug as soon as you’re back to 100 percent.

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