Travel Safety Tips

Travel safety tips every woman should have in her pocket

Travel Safety Tips

Regardless whether you are traveling alone or in a group, care is needed to know you’ll be safe.

The right travel safety tips can make the difference between a dream vacation and your worst nightmare. It’s not that you are necessarily at risk every time you take a step in an unknown place. That said, when you’re away from home, you’re at a higher risk than you would be in a familiar place.

A bit of extra care can go a long way toward keeping you safe no matter where you are.

Women who travel on their own or with another woman can find that they run into unique challenges. These can be intimidating, challenging or even dangerous challenges. That said, if handled properly, they can be exciting instead. The reason is that when you have the right travel safety tips, there isn’t any reason for you to avoid traveling solo. The freedom to do things on your own or with another woman can be truly exhilarating.

Sure, women traveling alone is nothing new, but traditionally it has been limited to certain specific locations. It isn’t until more recently that women have broken away to become globe trotters. That said, the women who come home with the most positive experiences are those who are prepared when they travel.

Consider the following travel safety tips every woman should know before she heads away.

  1. Listen to your inner voice – If you head into a situation that feels wrong, step away from it. Sure, you may be incorrect, but is it worth it? You can wait for the next elevator if the two men who follow you in seem intimidating. You don’t need to use the sketchy toilets in the back of the store if it doesn’t feel right to you. Don’t be ashamed to follow your intuition. It may have detected something you haven’t fully noticed.
  2. Choose a safe place to stay – Look into your hotel before you book it. Look for reviews from other women. Choose hotels that have indoor hallways. Avoid rooms with exterior doors. The convenience of being able to park your car outside the door is offset by the risk of being pushed back into your room if you’re overpowered by someone outside.
  3. Keep your phone on you and charged – By having your phone on hand and charged, you know you’ll always have enough battery to get directions or call for help. Keep a portable phone charger with you to know you’ll always have enough power for your device.
  4. Leave the flashy jewelry at home – It’s fun to show off your best jewelry, but it can also make you a target for thieves. If you don’t want to lose it while you’re on vacation, leave it at home.
  5. Don’t drink too much – It can be fun to head out for some drinks to let go, but don’t have so much that your judgment is compromised. Pay attention to your drink when you have it, too. That way, you’ll feel confident that nothing will be slipped into it. Many women choose to drink beer or coolers from the bottle, so they can hold onto it and keep a thumb blocking the bottle opening.

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