Best travel gear for RV road trip

Best travel gear for awesome RVing this summer

Best travel gear for RV road tripThe right gadgets can crank up the fun level of any road trip and camping vacation.

If you’re excited about the start of this year’s RV season, then you’re likely already looking into the best travel gear to bring with you. There are a lot of incredible travel gadgets released with each new year, so RVing can look slightly different from one season to the next.

But which travel accessories are the most fun or practical and which ones simply cause clutter?

Travel accessories for traveling around the country in an RV need to have certain characteristics. They need to be worth the space they require and they must comfortably fit into the lifestyle and storage availability.

While there are many devices that promise to be useful, the best travel gear can be hard to find unless someone points you in the right direction. This can be challenging because it changes from one year to the next. That said, this year there are some clear winners that are defining themselves as essential items for people traveling in their RVs.

Consider the following list of some of the best travel gear to bring with you the next time you hit the road.

• Mogix tire pressure gauge – What makes this tire pressure gauge far superior to the travel gadgets you see among the impulse items in a gas station goes far beyond accuracy. It also includes four other tools meant to help you maintain your vehicle or even save your life. These include a tire tread depth gauge, a seatbelt cutter, a glass hammer and a flashlight. These can help you to maintain your vehicle and better manage an emergency situation.
• Mobile hotspot – Just because you want to go absolutely everywhere in the country, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want an internet connection anymore. Whether you want to check your emails, research the various destinations you’ll be visiting or catch up on the latest news, a mobile hotspot can let you do it without having to rely on free WiFi from cafes, stores and restaurants along your route.
• External Battery Charger – Whether you want to keep your cell phone at full charge or whether you want to make sure you have hours of ereader time to relax and read the latest book in your e-library, this backup portable battery pack will give your device all the juice it needs without needing to plug into an electrical socket. Charge up no matter where you are.