international travel gadgets

Life-changing international travel gadgets, accessories, tips and tricks

international travel gadgets

Whether you’re a regular traveler or you’re headed on the trip of a lifetime, this info’s for you.

International traveling can be thrilling when you have the right travel gadgets, gear and tricks up your sleeve. Without them, you could find yourself stuck in a new country without knowing what to do.

The world is an exciting, beautiful place, but without the right travel gear and knowhow, it can be tricky.

Let the adventures and learning on your next trip come from the various sights you see and people you meet, instead of from inconveniences and frustrations that were fully preventable. Experienced travelers know a lot of amazing tricks to help them to avoid as many hassles as possible. Learn from their experience and adopt similar habits so you can enjoy your travels, too. This includes picking up the same kinds of travel gadgets, trying out the same tricks and carrying the best travel accessories.

Make sure you’re armed with the right travel gadgets, tips, tricks, gear and accessories for traveling internationally.

• Renew your passport within 6 months of expiration. If you reach 6 months from the expiration date of your passport, it’s time to renew. That way, you have enough time to obtain the new one well before the old one expires. This is good for a second reason, as well. While the U.S. will honor an American passport right up until the expiry date, many countries will deny entry to travelers with a passport within 6 months of expiration.
• Take a hotel business card when you check in. Once you have it, take a picture of it with your phone and tuck it into your wallet. That way, even if you get lost, you’ll be able to show the business card to taxi drivers and other locals who can help to guide you back.
• Notify your credit card issuer and phone service provider of your trip. Let them know which countries you’ll be visiting and when. That will help to reduce the risk of false-positive fraud alerts that can freeze your accounts while you’re away.
• Have backup battery packs with you and charge them before you leave. You’ll be surprised how much you use your phone while you travel, even if you’re not making calls. Travel alerts, Google Maps, games to pass the time in airports and train stations, texting to check in with friends and family to let them know you’ve arrived, and other tasks are all done on your phone and can eat through your battery.
While you’re traveling, you may not have the opportunity to plug into the wall or, worse, you could end up somewhere that isn’t compatible with your travel adapter, making it impossible to charge your device. Among your travel gadgets, be sure to pack a large battery pack as well as a slim one of these travel gadgets that will fit in your pocket or handbag. That way, you’ll never run out of juice, even if you can’t plug into a wall socket.