travel accessories best travel gadgets

Top travel accessories you need in your luggage

travel accessories best travel gadgets

The right travel gear can make or break your trip so check out these awesome gadgets.

At the start of this month, the Consumer Electronics Show took place in Las Vegas. CES 2017 was an incredible hint as to what we’ll see on the shelves this year as well as what we might see one day in the future. This year, like every year, travel accessories were a hugely important segment of exhibits.

After all, the best travel accessories change from year to year and we’re always interested in new travel gear.

The following are some of the top travel accessories to watch for this year. Some were featured at CES 2017 while others have proven themselves as the best travel gear already available.

• The TrackR Pixel – these are tiny little Bluetooth trackers that you can attach to anything you don’t want to lose. Keys, passports or even your backpack can be tagged so you can track it down using an app. You can see it on a map on your smartphone but you can also see them in real life because they’ll light up in the dark to make your lost articles more visible.
• ThinOPTICS Glasses – these reading glasses aren’t the pair your grandma hung from a decorative cord around her neck. They are tiny, flexible spectacles that are slim enough that they can physically attach to your smartphone with a sleek, low-profile adhesive case. They’re available in 4 strengths and use special flex-grip technology to fit on virtually any face.

Of course, some of the best travel accessories are focused on keeping your favorite devices working.

• Mogix portable battery charger – these slim, lightweight battery packs have a huge capacity in a tiny space. Even the largest one – which holds 10,400 mAh – is small enough to fit in a pocket. But if you’re looking for an even tinier option, the 5,000 mAh external battery charger will give your phone two or three full charges. That’s enough for a long-haul flight even if it involves a lengthy delay.
• Garmin Fēnix 5 Series – finally a smartwatch designed for smaller wrists. This wearable technology fits well into the top travel accessories category for being slim, waterproof and the ability to opt for longer battery life functioning even while using GPS.