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Mogix portable phone charger gets the nod in Dad Does review

This popular reviewer has tested the dual port USB power bank and had nothing negative to say.

Dad Does, a popular product reviewer and vlogger, has taken the time to have a look at the Mogix portable phone charger, and the results were very positive. It is clear that the quality, reliability, slim lightweight design, and charging power have made a strong impression.

The Dad Does review website provides a sizeable audience with reviews of fun toys and handy gadgets.

The Mogix portable phone charger review began by underscoring the importance of a power bank, and showed a massive pile of gadgets that all rely on rechargeable batteries that obtain a new charge via USB cord. This was an interesting and important way to show just how much we rely on this type of device, nowadays.

The review then went on to point out what makes the Mogix backup battery pack different from some of the other portable chargers on the market. It discussed the dual jack that allows two devices to be powered at the same time (pointing out that “as a parent, this is key”). The speed of charging was also underscored, because “things charge fast with this”.

The review pointed out that the Mogix portable phone charger is a “huge battery” allowing devices to be charged several times.

The indicator lights on the Mogix power bank were also applauded, as there are four lights on the device that indicate how much charge is left. The review stated that several gadgets had already been recharged on the battery pack, and it still had about 75 percent (three lights) of its power left.

The review from Dad Does is an important kudos for Mogix, as that vlogger has a considerable following. The YouTube channel boasts well over 49,000 subscribers. Fans of the site and its videos appreciate the straightforward, unbiased, and conversational approach that is taken when reviewing some of the latest toys and gadgets, of both a fun and practical nature. The site has a good reputation for trustworthiness and for giving reviews without any “ulterior” motive.

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