cords plugged in power bank

The power bank will play a key role in 2015 wearable tech trends

cords plugged in power bank

Smartwatches, smart jewelry, smartglasses, and other devices will boost our dependence on rechargeable batteries.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the category of wearable technology was limited nearly exclusively to science fiction, but it is now expected that 2015 will bring this trend into the mainstream, and this will bring the power bank into the spotlight to an even greater extent as we rely on a growing number of devices to stay charged at all times.

Many predictions have shown that wearables will be a major category by the end of this year.

Regardless of what many people think about wearable technology at the moment, the odds are that pretty much everyone has heard of Google Glass, the Apple Watch, and fitness trackers, and they will be quite commonplace by the close of the year. This will mean that even beyond smartphones, tablets, cameras, and MP3 players, there will be a much larger number of rechargeable devices that are going to need a power bank to be on hand to ensure that these gadgets upon which we rapidly become dependent will never run out of juice when we need them.

A good quality power bank will start to become one of the most popular gadgets and mobile accessories.

The reason that a portable battery charger will be so important will be that beyond the smartphone and tablet, many people will also own one or many of the following:

Smartwatches – while this device has seen a slow rate of adoption, many are predicting that when the Apple Watch launches during the first quarter of this year, it will also provide a major boost to the category as a whole. Apple will have brought credibility to these devices and they should start to sell for many brands.
Fitness trackers – from bands to buttons and other types of wearables, these are already the largest category of wearable devices. They allow people to track their steps, calories burned, distance travelled, heart rate, and even the length and quality of sleep.
Smart jewelry – these come in many shapes and forms from rings to pendants and bracelets. They bring a much needed fashion component to a relatively geeky category. These provide features such as alerts to incoming calls, texts and emails, and some can even be programmed for additional features such as unlocking smartphones (particularly in the case of rings) and other password protected devices.
Smartglasses – Google Glass and a growing number of rivals allow the internet to be accessible through the lens of a headband or even traditional eyeglasses, when connected to a smartphone.

Most of these will run on rechargeable batteries, so if users want the security of knowing that their devices are always there for them, a good quality power bank will become a must-have item.

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