Mogix Mobile Charger Sleeping Dog And Owner

Who Else Wants To Be Stuck In The Middle With Us?

Come Celebrate Our After Christmas, After New Year and Before Valentines Sale!

Mogix Mobile Charger Sleeping Dog And Owner

The Mogix “Stuck In The Middle” Sale is the perfect time to pick up a power bank for that special someone, with FREE SHIPPING!

It’s after Christmas, after New Year, but it’s still before Valentine’s Day, and Mogix sees this as an opportunity to celebrate by offering its Middle Mania Sale, so that you can pick up the perfect mobile charger gift for you and the ones you love!

Whether shopping early for Valentine’s Day or just picking up something great while you’re “stuck in the middle” of January, Mogix offers a great deal.

With the ubiquitous nature of smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras, and even the entry of wearable technology into the market, it means that battery power has never been more important. Keeping those devices juiced up at all times has become nearly critical to our daily existence. After all, the iPhone 6 was one of the most popular tech gifts for Christmas! This makes a mobile charger one of the best things that you can get for yourself and for someone else – and when you can do both at a discount, this represents a great opportunity.

The Mogix “After Christmas, After New Year and Before Valentines Sale!” starts NOW…So don’t miss it!

Why is this a big deal? Because the more you buy, the more you save. When you consider the fact that virtually everybody can use at least one – if not two or three – power banks, this is a something you won’t want to miss.

Mogix mobile charger sale Important date reminderThe Mogix Middle Mania Sale offers the following:

Buy 3 Mogix Battery Banks, and GET 1 FREE! Simply add 4 external battery chargers to your cart and enter the code FREEGX22 at checkout.
Buy 2 Mogix Battery Banks, and Save 15%! Simply enter the code SAVEON22 at checkout
100% NO RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE by Mogix Accessories – 5 star customer service!

Here’s how to get these great deals:

1. Go to

2. Put 4 or 2 battery banks in your cart ( pick which deal is best for your needs).

3. Input the above coupon code in the gift certificate/promo area and BAMM! Your new price will automatically calculate.

When it comes to a mobile charger, more is definitely better. People find that it is very useful to keep them in a number of different places. Stephanie Lock, a Mogix customer, stated that “One lives in my gym bag, another in my purse and I even have two more just in case!” That trend is becoming increasingly common, as we collect more devices and bring them everywhere we go.

When it comes to meeting that demand for power, Mogix is the power bank that is keeping up, with its ability to charge most smartphones more than 5 times before it needs to be recharged. While it is among the most powerful external batteries, it is also small and thin, and very light, making it possible to take it anywhere.

It is able to handle the needs of the larger battery devices on the market, including the Note and the iPhone 6 Plus. When those were gifts for Christmas, the Mogix mobile charger becomes an awesome gift for Valentine’s Day! But don’t miss out. Mogix can’t stay Stuck in the Middle forever. The sale starts today, so make sure that you don’t miss the chance to pick up the perfect gift and amazing savings at the same time.

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