Ces 2015 Las Vegas Smartphone battery life

Smartphone battery life or fancy features? What’s more important?

Ces 2015 Las Vegas Smartphone battery life

According to recent research, most people will sacrifice having more cool stuff on their devices for more power.

A recent data analysis from a company called uSwitch has revealed that smartphone battery life is more important to most consumers than having all of the latest features, bells and whistles, when it comes to actually buying the device.

When it comes to the features that you’ll use the most, one of the most important things is power to run them.

As appealing as curved screens may be and as much as eye tracking may seem attractive, most people will usually choose a device with better smartphone battery life over the gadgets that come with every new thing that has just been developed. This may represent a major shift in the trends, but it makes a lot of sense. After all, most people rely on their devices for a core set of features. They may include one or two bells and whistles, but usually, everyday tasks involve the basics that can be found on virtually any mobile device.

For that reason, smartphone battery life is very important because it’s what keeps the device going!

People are starting to get to know what they like from their devices. They know that they want to use certain types of apps, how often they use it to make phone calls, how much they use their camera, or how much video they record. They know how long they need their smartphones to keep running.

So while it would be nice to have additional fancy features like a curved screen, it has become much more important to be able to know that your mobile battery won’t give up on you right when you need it the most. Performance and battery power are much more central to a great day than having that additional luxury on a device that will run out of juice too soon.

This helps to explain why portable battery chargers are starting to become as popular as the mobile devices, themselves. When smartphone battery life isn’t as much of an issue – that is, when you can get more power whenever you want – then it means that you can have whichever device you want (bells and whistles included) and will still be able to keep using it for as long as you need before it would ever have to be plugged into a wall socket. In fact, when you choose a power bank like the one Mogix has to offer, you can recharge even faster than you would with a wall socket, and you can do it on the go.

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