summer festival mobile gadgets

The top summer festival accessories and mobile gadgets for 2015

summer festival mobile gadgets

This year, it feels like there is a new festival starting every weekend, and you won’t miss a thing with the right stuff.

Getting the most out of a summer festival doesn’t mean that you need to rough it quite as much as it once did, simply because the technology to add a bit of luxury to your experience is readily available through fantastic mobile gadgets and accessories.

Whether you’re headed to a large or a small festival, equipping yourself is the key to loving every moment.

As the festival season really gets started, this summer, it’s important to have a look at some of the top mobile gadgets and other accessories. These will include supplies that are high tech and low tech, alike, but that will make all the difference in your summer fun. No longer will you need to feel hugely grimy and get lost in a massive crowd, spending hours finding your way back to the people you know. There are way too many great and portable products out there to keep you where you want to be.

Load up on the best lightweight, useful, and affordable mobile gadgets and summer survival accessories, this year.

The following are some of the top rated summer festival accessories for 2015:

• A solar shower – just because you’re roughing it and there isn’t a shower for miles, it doesn’t mean that you need to sit there in the dust stuck to your own sweat. Now there are simple solar shower packs that are as basic as a plastic bag that will cause the water to heat up to a tolerable temperature. Just fill the bag, leave it in the sun for an hour, then hold it up to let the water spray over you from the nozzle – everyone around you will thank you!
• A portable battery charger – since most of our gadgets aren’t as solar powered as the travel shower, a large external power bank can be the key to making sure that you never lose the use of your smartphone, even if you’re at the festival for days.
• A portable hotspot – when you want to bring 4G with you everywhere, including the festival where you’ll be living in a tent for a couple of days (at least), bring a portable hotspot with you among your mobile gadgets and you’ll be able to surf the web and upload all of your photos to your favorite social media account.

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