Tire Pressure Gauge car accessories

The best back to school car accessories for drivers

Tire Pressure Gauge car accessoriesThe shopping season for students has now begun, and for those who will be driving, there are some awesome gadgets.

Once you’re a driver, back to school shopping isn’t just about backpacks and notebooks anymore, because there are a lot of car accessories that can help you to ensure that your ride is comfortable and safe.

These gadgets are portable, well thought out, high quality, and useful, while also being affordable.

These car accessories are not only great for both high school and college students to buy for themselves, but they also make great gifts. Few things give parents more reassurance than knowing that they have improved the safety of their child’s experience while behind the wheel, by even a little bit. It may not be possible to watch over them all the time, but it is possible to ensure that they are properly equipped for whatever may come along while they’re on the road.

Check out the following gadgets that are among the best car accessories for your back to school shopping.

The Mogix digital tire gauge is a natural first choice, not only because of its accuracy and portability, but also because it features a number of emergency safety features that can come in handy at the times when they are most important. Keeping this gadget inside the vehicle, within easy reach, can make sure that if the worst happens, a glass hammer and seatbelt cutter will be readily available for an easy escape from the vehicle.

Second on the list is the Mogix portable battery charger, which can help to make sure that everything from a smartphone to a tablet have enough juice to run throughout the day, even after a late night when the student forgot to plug them in.

A small 12-volt lighter socket car jump-starter can often help in a pinch, giving the car a boost in as little as three minutes from another car’s lighter socket/power source, without ever having to open the hood.

A digital breathalyzer acknowledges that drinking may happen, but drunk driving doesn’t have to. Including these among back to school car accessories purchased for a student who is important to you can help to make sure that he or she arrives home safely, every time.

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