Halloween smartphone portable phone chargers

Smartphones and portable phone chargers make your Halloween costume super-creepy

Halloween smartphone portable phone chargersIf you’re looking to amp up the creepiness factor of your costume this year, look to your favorite handset.

Many people absolutely love to create creepy costumes at Halloween, and when you use smartphones and portable phone chargers, you can give your outfit a high tech boost.

The idea is to find the right free mobile app to use for your phone’s display that will complement your costume.

While you’re at it, hook the smartphone up to slim fit portable phone chargers to make sure your amazing costume won’t run out of charge. Using the right app will bring an otherwise average costume to a new undead level of creepiness. The idea is to use the smartphone display in from a hole in your costume – whether that’s an eye-hole in a helmet, a rip in a shirt or pretty much anything else that lets you see the screen as though it’s a part of you.

The following are some of the best ways to put your smartphone and portable phone chargers to use this Halloween.

• Glowing red eyes – For this, you need a Halloween app with a glowing red screen (or with glowing red eyes) and a black tee shirt. Cut the shirt to fit the eyes in the app, or cut the shirt in the shape of creepy eyes so a glowing red screen can show through. Position the phone on the inside of the shirt with the screen facing out at the right spot. Use duct tape to hold the phone in place.
• Gory wounds – For this you’ll need a Halloween app that shows the “guts” you want showing from your “wound”, such as a beating heart or gushing bullet hole, as well as a screen protector and latex/rubber wound makeup and a shirt with a rip in it where the wound will show through. Add the screen protector to your device screen and apply the wound makeup on top. Tape the phone to the inside of the shirt so the wound and the screen will show through the ripped hole in the shirt.
• Swirling eyeball – For this, you’ll need a swirling eyeball display Halloween app and a costume helmet with eye holes and with room enough to fit the phone inside when you wear it. Tape the phone inside the helmet with the swirling eye showing through the eye hole. This will let you look out the remaining eye hole with your real eye, and will make it look like your other eye is swirling around madly.

Make sure you have a charger cable long enough that you’ll be able to connect your device to wherever you have the slim fit portable phone chargers hidden. That way, your heart will keep beating in its wound, your eye will keep swirling in your helmet and your creepy tee shirt will continue watching everyone around you.