Black Friday gadget deals

Top Black Friday gadget deals shoppers want in 2016

Black Friday gadget deals

This year, consumers know exactly what they want and are looking for the best prices.

Black Friday gadget deals are the coveted bargains for 2016. Consumers who want to make sure they’re paying the absolute rock bottom prices are arming themselves in advance. This strategy involves a bit of early homework but it can make all the difference in the long run.

To start, consumers are making sure they know what they want to buy and how much they will save.

You might not always know exactly what Black Friday gadget deals will be available in each store, but you can find out what you want and how much you can typically get it for. Research products and reviews in advance instead of waiting until that top shopping day of the year. Otherwise, you risk missing your opportunity and losing out on the best price.

It’s also important to know whether or not a sale is as good as it looks. Have a look at the usual retail and sale price for a product. Is it really a spectacular savings or something you could typically get on any other sale day?

Next, Make a list of the types of Black Friday gadget deals you think would be absolutely perfect.

Based on the information you’ve collected, make a list of what you want to buy and the price range that you would find “worth it.” If you don’t find it where you’re shopping, move on. There’s no shortage of products and sales out there! To get yourself started, here are some of the top products on consumer shopping lists this year:

• NES Mini console – for all those Generation X and Y gift recipients this year, this tiny replica of the original Nintendo gaming system will provide hours upon hours of nostalgia. At an affordable $59.99 retail and rapidly selling out, this will be the “Tickle Me Elmo” or “Cabbage Patch Kid” of the tech shopping year.
• Mogix External Phone Charger – we’re all addicted to our rechargeable devices these days, to the point that they can’t keep up with the demands on their batteries. A Mogix battery pack provides several full charges to even the largest smartphones without needing to be recharged, itself. Retailing at $45, watch for sales of at least half that price.
• The Fujifilm Instax mini – an old school instant film camera, this comes in a wide selection of colors and retails for $69.99. Don’t be surprised if you see the price plummet since it’s expected to be one of the top Black Friday gadget deals. Extra film makes a great stocking stuffer.
• The Mogix Tire Pressure Gauge and Auto Rescue tool – tell the commuter in your life how much their safety means to you. Available in pink or blue, this gadget is usually $19.99 and combines a tire pressure gauge, seatbelt cutter, flashlight, tread depth gauge and glass hammer.