comfort tech during the pandemic

The top comfort tech soothing us through troubled times

Until recently, we were told to unplug to unwind, but crisis has turned the recommendation on its head.

As we continue to find our way through the pandemic crisis, comfort tech has played a striking but likely not surprising role in our lives, all things considered. What’s interesting is that with the lasting states of emergency, many of the recommendations we’ve previously heard are being reversed since our devices are often a primary window into the social world.

That said, some technology has been more beneficial and comforting than others.

Mental health experts are still cautioning people to use their comfort tech wisely. It’s still considered to be smart to limit social media exposure. It’s also recommended that we take the opportunity to spend some time in fresh air, sunlight and in natural surroundings when possible. However, there is still a lot to be said about the difference gadgets and devices is making in our lives while many of us continue to face ongoing restrictions of various kinds.

comfort tech during the pandemic

The following are some of the top types of comfort tech helping us get through the current situation.

Beyond the obvious smartphones, computers and even TVs, these have become quite popular.

  • Smart Lighting – Smart lighting systems are allowing us to change the mood of the space we occupy at a given time. These bulbs can make it possible for various levels of dimming but can also even alter the color of the lighting.
  • Smart Speakers – These gadgets let you stay curled up on the couch and do everything from tell your lights to turn on or off to find out what the weather is like. You can play music or even add to your grocery list. When you feel cut off from the world, it doesn’t hurt to have a device that can help you reach outside simply by speaking to it.
  • Chat/Meetings Apps – These mobile apps have exploded in popularity as the main way we’ve been able to talk to each other and see each other at the same time during lockdowns. Not to mention keeping up with work, school and yoga classes!
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones – Whether you want to cut out the sound of your noisy neighbor or screaming kids, the right noise cancelling headphones let you hear only what you want to hear and not what you don’t.
  • Portable Phone Charger – Many people are finding that they’re using their portable chargers even more now than they did when they were commuting and traveling. Just because you’re at home, it doesn’t mean you want to be strapped to a wall outlet. Since our phones and tablets are doing so much more for us every day, they’re also getting drained a lot faster. Whether you’re streaming music or video chatting with someone as you wander from room to room, you’re always free to move about by plugging into a portable battery pack instead of a wall socket. The last thing we want to feel right now is that we’re further restricted, after all, making this a top form of comfort tech.

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