Spring Break 2020

This is the biggest trend for Spring Break 2020

Spring Break 2020

People aren’t just heading to resorts to flop out on the beach for a week anymore.

When we think of vacations to bring winter to an end, we tend to imagine sandy beaches and endless margaritas, but Spring Break 2020 is taking this travel to a new destination.

Shaking the last of the woes lingering from the holidays now involves heading off on an adventure.

Spring Break 2020 is all about a Bali yoga retreat, an escape to see the sights along the French Riviera, or hitting the Costa Rican surf, according to the American Society of Travel Agents. We’re interested in using our few precious moments of vacation time to experience something entirely new, unique, and exciting.

Sometimes that means stepping out of our comfort zones. Sometimes it means scratching something off our bucket list. We’re becoming citizens of the world instead of remaining completely immobile on a beach. This is the same increasing trend among college students, parents with kids, and single professionals. They want to experience something new and refreshing to return to their everyday lives stimulated and recharged.

Of course, whether you’re headed to Vietnam or Nicaragua for Spring Break 2020, you need to pack right.

Increasingly, this means replacing paper copies of documents with apps, scans and images you can keep on your phone. The more you can store digitally, the less you’ll need to pack in that precious tiny amount of real estate within your suitcase. There are downloadable versions of nearly everything you used to carry with you in paper form.

Whether it’s that brick of a travel guide – which is now available in e-book format – or your maps, itinerary, booking confirmations, and even transportation tickets and boarding passes, they’re usually available in digital format, which lets you keep everything in one digital device. Since you’re already bringing it with you, it means you don’t need to fill your baggage with papers.

That said, the key to benefiting from your phone is making sure it always has power. Make sure you always keep your portable phone charger with you. It will make certain that you always have access to everything stored on your phone and to all the apps you need. This way, your Spring Break 2020 will be a memorable, lightweight adventure and you won’t miss a single minute.

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