Travel phone hacks everyone should bring with them on a trip

travel phone hacks and gadgets

A cell phone can replace all manner of books, documents and frustrations on your next trip.

Travel phone hacks can change the way you experience every trip you take. Whether you’re on a staycation and are headed into a part of town you don’t know, or whether you’re visiting a new country, this powerful mobile device is more than slightly handy.

That said, there’s a way to use your mobile device to benefit from it without drawing attention.

After all, you may feel comfortable using your device for travel phone hacks, but it can draw unwanted attention. When you’re away from home, your goals need to be to avoid excessive roaming fees, use your phone to its maximum capabilities, know what to do to prevent your phone from being lost or stolen – and what to do in case it happens.

Use the following travel phone hacks for convenience, affordability, and safety.

• Tuck your phone away – When you’re not using your phone, keep it out of sight. This doesn’t just mean putting it in your pocket, if it causes your pocket to become phone-shaped. Pickpockets are exceptionally skilled. You are not impervious to their efforts. By thinking you are, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. Be particularly vigilant in large crowds.
• Prepare in case of loss or theft – Even though you plan to do everything you can to keep your phone safe, be sure you’re prepared for the worst. Before you leave, back up all your pictures, video, audio, contacts and anything else you’ve saved to the device and that you wouldn’t want gone forever. Don’t forget to set a strong passcode for your phone so it would be as difficult for thieves to crack as possible. That way, even if the device is stolen, the contents remain safe from prying eyes.
• Turn off data roaming – Unless you’re looking for extra ways to throw away a lot of money, turning off your data roaming should happen the moment you leave your local coverage zone. Otherwise, you can incur roaming fees even if you don’t pick up when someone calls you. Shut your roaming off and save yourself a small fortune.
• Use safe WiFi to its fullest – When you have WiFi, take the opportunity to download maps and other downloadables from your apps. That way, you can still enjoy them even if you’re not accessing your data plan and when you’re out of range of WiFi.
• Stay powered up – To get the most out of your device, it needs to have the battery power to get the job done. Keep a backup portable phone charger with you so you’ll never run out of charge – even if you’ve had to play games for hours at the airport due to a late flight. Having the right accessories is among the best travel phone hacks you can learn.

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