Best Weekend Travel Accessories

Top Travel Accessories for Your Weekend Away

Best Weekend Travel Accessories

Packing light is always smart, but it doesn’t mean having to compromise on fun and convenience.

Whether you are planning a weekend camping trip in the woods or an urban getaway, here are a few travel accessories you’ll want to toss in your luggage.

Packing Light is Packing Smart

No matter the destination, keeping your luggage to a minimum is always a good idea. Aside from a toothbrush and deodorant, necessities can mean different things from a hoarder’s or a minimalist’s point of view. Let’s stick with travel accessories that can be of use to both types of people year-round.

Five Useful Travel Accessories for Everyone

1 – Camera

Nowadays, everyone has a camera. Your phone has a camera! Living the moment is important, so is immortalizing it with a picture or a video. Just make sure to put those travel gadgets away to stop and smell the roses.

2 – All-Natural Sunscreen

We all love feeling the sunshine on our faces, but it’s important to protect our skin from its harmful rays. No need for an SPF 100; that’s a gimmick to give you a false sense of safety. Go with an SPF 30 and try to use a natural sunscreen such as the Daily Hydrating Sunscreen from Little Sleepy Head, or All Good Lips SPF 15, made with non toxic ingredients.

3 – The Mogix Universal External Battery Charger

Perfect for charging phones, cameras and other gadgets, the Mogix Universal External Battery Charger is slim, light and has a huge capacity of 10,400mAh, as well as dual USB charging ports. What more could we ask for?

4 – Reusable water bottle

We could all drink more water and carrying a reusable bottle everywhere is a simple solution to provide your body with more H2O on the go. Choose a stainless steel bottle like the stainless steel ones from  S’Well to keep the water cool for hours or or the collapsible variety from Ener-C. No excuses. Drink up!

5 – Soothing salve

Soothing salves, such as the ones from SBT Seabuckthorn are lifesavers! They help hydrate dry skin, heal small wounds or insect bites and calm skin after sun exposure. Try to use a non toxic soothing salve made with safe ingredients.

These practical and simple travel accessories won’t take up much luggage space and will contribute to an enjoyable weekend gateway anywhere, anytime!

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