Halloween Activities that Aren't Parties

Fun Halloween activities when you don’t want to go to a party

Halloween Activities that Aren't Parties

The holiday can be a lot of fun regardless of whether or not you head to a costume party.

Looking for Halloween activities for things to do if you aren’t interested in attending a party this year? You’re not alone. Every year, this holiday gets bigger, but after doing the same thing every year, many people are looking for some fresh ideas.

Maybe parties will appeal again next year, but many people are looking for something new for 2018.

Maybe you still want to get dressed up. Maybe you want to take part in Halloween activities that don’t involve a costume. Either way, there are lots of ways to enjoy the theme of this night without having to head to what will essentially be the same party you’ve been attending for years.

The following are some of the best ideas for ways to spend your Halloween without heading out to the usual costume parties.

These Halloween activities aren’t parties but are most certainly fun on this haunting holiday.

  • Scary movie marathon – Whether you have friends over or just put on your cozies and hide under a blanket, pick up some new scary movies or go through all your favorites. If you love horror films, here’s your best opportunity to watch a lot of them.
  • Head to a haunted house experience – Most cities and towns have a number of haunted house, haunted farm or other “haunted” experiences available to enjoy. Some are meant for the whole family, others are for adults, some depend on the times (earlier events are for kids, but it gets scarier after dark).
  • Do a corn maze in the dark – Many local farms that have corn mazes in the fall will change the fun theme to a scarier one after dark on Halloween. Don’t forget to charge your phone so you’ll have a flashlight the whole time. And don’t forget your portable phone charger to make sure your battery remains fully juiced up all evening and night long.
  • Visit a famous horror location – Whether a popular horror movie was filmed near where you live, or there’s a location known to be visited by people from beyond the grave, head over to have tours or just wander around and let yourself be scared – while trying not to get too scared! Keep an auto rescue tool handy in your car if you’re heading out on the road. It’s a busy night so you’ll need to be prepared to wait for assistance in the case of a breakdown. Being prepared makes sure the only scary part of Halloween will be the haunted houses, not the drive!

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