travel gadgets airport mobile

Top 3 travel gadgets you must have for 2018

travel gadgets airport mobile

Fill your luggage with the right kinds of technology as you head away from home this year.

Today we have so much tech that it’s hard to know what travel gadgets we should or should not bring. With such tight weight restrictions on suitcases from airlines, you need to have a strategy in place to make sure you’re only bringing what you need and are leaving everything else behind.

Make sure you’ve got exactly the right travel gadgets to make your trip a convenient success.

Technology and travel gadgets have become an important part of any traveller’s life regardless of whether they take an annual vacation or are racking in the frequent flyer miles. Every year there are dozens of new devices launched to try to make travel easier, more comfortable and more convenient. That said, if you took them all with you, you’d need extra baggage.

Travelers in 2018 are seeing things differently. Devices need to be lightweight, streamlined and need to get the job done without any inconveniences or they’re just not worth it.

The following are the top 2018 travel gadgets you’ll fall in love with while you’re on the road or in the air.

1. High capacity power bank – Gone are the days when those little lipstick size chargers could do the trick. Smartphones have higher capacity batteries and they’re rarely the only thing we need to charge while we’re away from home. A lightweight, slim, high capacity power bank like the Mogix 10,400 mAh external battery pack is second only to the smartphone itself in its importance for travelers. Small enough to fit in a jacket, handbag or briefcase pocket but powerful enough to charge a smartphone several times, this gadget is a traveler’s best friend.
2. Bluetooth headphones – Travel takes time and a large amount of that involves sitting and waiting. Whether you’re in a hotel room, airport waiting lounge, on a plane or even on public transit, you can spend hours waiting. Bluetooth headphones let you improve that time with music or an audio book without needing to bother with getting tangled in cords and cables.
3. E-readers – E-readers are making a massive comeback among travelers and commuters who are looking for devices that are easier to read than a smartphone but that are easier on the eyes and will hold their battery charge far longer than tablets. E-readers in 2018 are more capable than the finicky, quirky devices from five years ago, providing convenience in a lightweight format that can still perform many of the basic functions of a tablet without bleeding the battery dry.