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Top power bank and smartphone life hacks

battery text power bank

Technology such as smartphones have already revolutionized our days, but there are more tricks to use them to their fullest.

The evolution of the smartphone and the power bank have been rapid and simultaneous, and just as we rely on these devices to get us through the average day, they can also be used even more effectively simply by knowing the right life hacks to get the job done.

The following are a number of ways for you to use your smartphone in a better and smarter way.

Some of these tricks have to do with using your power bank to maximize what your smartphone can already do, but others help you to amplify the features that are already built into your mobile device to make sure that you’ll receive outstanding results without much effort or money. These life hacks also take advantage of the fact that you typically have the device handy, so when you need to get the job done, you can use your favorite device to do it.

A smartphone can do nearly anything, these days, and your power bank can make sure it always has the juice it needs.

The following are some top smartphone life hacks:

• Super bright light – Find yourself working in the dark or need more light than a typical flashlight? Turn on your flashlight app and set the device down, screen-side up. Then, set a closed, room-temperature, clear bottle of water on top and suddenly your little light will turn into something that looks like it was charged by a car battery. It’s important not to use one straight out of the cooler or the condensation will run down onto the screen.
• Awesome sound system – When your smartphone speaker just isn’t enough, sit your mobile device into an empty glass or bowl. This will amplify the sound tremendously. If you’re a sound sleeper, you’ll also enjoy this benefit because it will turn your smartphone alarm into a much louder wake up call.
• Photo folder grocery list – Create an image folder for your groceries. Every time you run out of an item in the kitchen, take a picture of it so that you’ll know that you need to buy another one. Then, when you’re at the store, browse through the images for everything that you need to buy.
• Never-ending cell phone battery – Get a great, portable power bank that is slim but strong enough to give your device more than one charge. That way, no matter where you are, you will never run out of juice. It will be as though you have a battery that never drains.

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