external battery charger super man

Do you still need an external battery charger for an awesome cell phone?

external battery charger super man

Some smartphones have an excellent battery life, but is it enough to avoid the need for a power bank?

With all of the new and impressive features that are found in the latest high end smartphones, which include some of the longest lasting power supplies, it can be easy to start to wonder if the latest and best mobile devices would even need an external battery charger anymore.

It’s true that the latest models do have a long smartphone battery life, but is it really enough for the average user?

Smartphones aren’t just used for phoning and texting anymore. The more we use our devices for an increasing range of regular daily activities, the more we drain the power on those devices. Though it is convenient to recharge overnight while you sleep, what happens when you use your device more than you usually would, or, even worse, what happens if you forget to plug in your phone charger at the end of the evening? Even with the best smartphones, a good quality external battery charger can be a life saver on a regular basis.

While heavy device users will require an external battery charger all the time, average users can also benefit.

Consider some of the top smartphones on the market and the battery power that they boast. These may offer a great deal of power, but it is up to the individual user to determine how long they will actually last.

• Apple iPhone 6 Plus – 2915 mAh
• Apple iPhone 6 – 1800 mAh
• Samsung Galaxy 6 – 4000 mAh
• Samsung Galaxy Note – 3220 mAh
• Samsung Galaxy S5 – 2800 mAh
• Google Nexus 5 – 2300 mAh
• BlackBerry Q10 – 2100 mAh
• BlackBerry Z30 – 2800 mAh
• BlackBerry Passport – 3450 mAh
• Lenovo P780 – 4000 mAh
• Lenovo S860 – 4000 mAh
• HTC One – 2600 mAh
• Motorola Moto X – 2200 mAh
• Motorola Moto G – 2070 mAh
• LG G2 – 3000 mAh
• Nokia Lumia 1520 – 3400 mAh

These are all respectable sizes, but no matter which one you use, there will be a time in which you will run out of juice and it will not be convenient for you to plug in for an hour or so to rebuild the charge. For this reason, even with these latest devices, an external battery charger will sill prove to be your best friend on long days away from your home and office, while you travel, and even when you’re stuck in a waiting room killing time with your favorite games and videos.

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