bleisure travel trend

What is bleisure travel (and how to get it right)?

bleisure travel trend

People are taking the opportunity to use their business trips for some leisure vacationing.

Bleisure travel has been rapidly rising in popularity as people use their work trips to be able to enjoy a bit of vacation time. Business travelers have started adding a day or two to their work trips to enjoy a bit of a leisure getaway.

The trend has existed for a while, but it is taking off to a greater degree.

To cut the cost of airline tickets, bleisure travel lets people get more out of their time away. Increasingly, it is becoming a regular strategy for an employee to add a day or two to a corporate travel trip to take advantage of the chance to see the world.

The idea is that the company is already paying for the transportation in both directions. It also covers expenses during the time that the individual is working. However, that person can then cover the costs of a few extra days’ food and accommodations to truly enjoy the visit while he or she is there. With the rising solo travel trend, many destinations are prepared to accommodate these travelers as they head off on adventures alone.

Bleisure travel requires some strategic packing to make sure nothing is left behind

One of the tricky parts of this travel trend is in choosing the right things to bring. After all, it would seem that you’d need two suitcases: one for your work needs and one for your leisure travel needs.

Just like the combined nature of the trip itself, it’s best to bring items that can serve both your business and leisure travel. For instance, base clothing that can be dressed up or down with the addition of a scarf, jacket or jewelry is always a must. A slim and light high capacity portable phone charger can help to keep all your gadgets juiced – including both your work and personal smartphones.

Keeping organized with the right water resistant phone accessories case, protective gadget cases and folders can make sure everything slips neatly into your luggage and briefcase. The more sleekly you can pack everything, the more room you’ll have for what you need and for the souvenirs you want to bring home.

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