luxury travel trends - private jet

Top Luxury Travel Trends This Year

luxury travel trends - private jet

Traveling in lavish comfort is the ultimate way for many people to get away from their everyday lives.

As is the case in every category of the industry, luxury travel has its own trends and hot locations. This year, there are some gorgeous new experiences and destinations drawing this coveted crowd.

These travel and hospitality trends also include the gadgets and gear travelers bring with them.

It’s important to keep up with the latest when it comes to luxury travel as this category tends to move quickly. It is continually evolving as the digital marketplace instantly provides new insight into what is out there.

When it comes to the ultimate in hot travel trends this year, authentic experiences top the list. Travelers aren’t just looking to stay at the best possible hotel or in the destination that has proven itself in the past. Instead, they are looking for fresh new destinations. Private jets are heading to locations that never used to appeal to this crowd. The affluent market is seeking to expand its horizons.

Where is luxury travel taking these affluent travelers and what are they bringing with them?

Some of the locations most appealing to luxury travelers at the moment include Nicaragua, Vietnam and Bali, among others. In fact, Nicaragua recently opened a brand new airport for private jets in order to generate greater draw to the affluent market.

They are looking for places where they can create memories. They want experiences they will not find elsewhere. These travelers want to have bragging rights once they return home. They visit jungle ruins. They paddle board in remote island locations. In fact, they might even try heli-skiing for the first time as they make their way through Iceland.

For those who want luxury plus see it all and relax, train travel is making a come back

While train trips, in the past, have been viewed as being loud and smelly many travel companies have pointed out the convenience as well as refurbished cars. It’s like a boat cruise on the ground with redone interiors and great views, these trains are receiving new customers like families as well as dog lovers…making vacation much easier to enjoy with fido than other means of travel.

In the United States the train industry as gotten a surge of business due to baby boomers retiring as well. With trips now going coast to coast offering top shelf wines and five star service, many are willing to deal with smaller lodging conditions, so that they can see America and Europe like it’s never been seen before.

As a result, the mobile hospitality market is doing everything it can to offer authenticity and experience. Affluent travelers don’t go anywhere without their smartphones. A power bank is a staple among this crowd. It is rare for today’s affluent traveler to step onto a private jet without a portable phone charger slipped into a luggage pocket.

Their devices keep them informed and connected no matter where they are. This way, they will always keep up with the latest opportunities to experience and enjoy.