Motorcycle phone charger

A motorcycle phone charger is one of many must-have gadgets

Motorcycle phone charger

Aside from the bike itself – and everything you need to ride it – there are tons of handy tools and devices.

The bike and the gear you have to wear and use to actually ride is important. However, there is a lot more to loving your ride than the vehicle itself. A camera, motorcycle phone charger, or emergency tool kit are all fantastic accessories.

These gadgets can help you to love riding even more than you already do – if that’s possible.

Of all the gadgets you’ll likely see, the most useful has to be the motorcycle phone charger. It may not sound all that flashy, but it’s important. If there’s one thing riders know, it’s that our bikes don’t have power output ports. That doesn’t mean good things if your smartphone runs out of charge. You’re out of luck until the next time you can plug into a wall. Alternately, you can just plug the USB cord into a slim, lightweight portable battery pack and you’re set.

The motorcycle phone charger is hardly the only gadget you can’t be without when you hit the road.

The following are some other amazing gadgets and tools that the motorcycle community absolutely loves:

• The Mogix Digital Tire Pressure Gauge – sounds pretty basic until you find out it also has a flashlight, tire tread depth gauge and other tools built-in as well. This is a good one to keep handy to make sure your tires are where they should be before your ride and at any point along your trip.
• The BikeMaster Tire and Tube Flat Repair Kit – of course, knowing that you’re losing tire pressure isn’t good news, but not being able to do anything about it is worse. This tire repair kit is awesome for emergencies and comes with all the tube repair accessories you need – hand tool and a complete patch kit – as well as 4 small CO2 canisters so you can re-inflate your flat.
• The GoPro Hero4 Camera – this is the best way to record video from your point of view. This camera’s broadly known as the best personal digital video camera money can buy. It produces HD quality video and high-res 12 MP pictures. It captures at 30 frames per second.