bike cycling bicycle wearable technology portable charger

Your portable charger will keep your cycling wearables powered up

bike cycling bicycle wearable technology portable charger

These days, there’s a lot more to riding a bicycle than throwing on an old pair of sneakers and heading out.

Despite the popularity of cycling, the sport is all too often left out of the evolution of wearables as the latest trackers, smartwatches and other gear are released, except when it comes to a good quality portable charger and a handful of helpful individual products.

Certainly, there are some trackers and GPS watches that have “bike mode” but the following are dedicated devices.

After all, while it may be handy to use a device that is meant primarily for walking and running but that can switch over to a mode meant for cycling, when you’re really into the sport, you want something that has been designed and tested with your bike in mind. Cyclists have different needs and expectations, which is why everything from the portable charger to the wearable technology should be taken into consideration.

The following are some of the top reviewed tech gadgets and portable charger options for cyclists.

• Moov Now – This is a band that is strapped onto your ankle and wirelessly connected to a smartphone (which means you need to keep a powered up smartphone with you on your ride, hence the need for the external battery charger). The smartphone will need to have a free app installed. It also comes with a single earpiece that you can wear in order to receive feedback as you ride. If you have a cycling mount for your smartphone, it will also provide you with a visual progress readout at the same time. The primary complaint about users is that while this app offers excellent data, it sucks down the juice on their smartphones.
• Polar M450 – This is one of the latest offerings from a company that has been focused on cycling products for many, many years. This device is strapped around the chest to provide GPS, heart rate and several other helpful forms of feedback. A second gadget is attached to the bike itself (and is available in many LCD color surrounds so it will match your bike). The gadget offers six screens from which you can select, including info such as heart rate, altitude, speed, and more. The main complaint about this device is that you need to shuffle through screens to see each piece of information, instead of displaying multiples at once.
• Mogix 5,000 mAh portable charger – This powerful backup battery pack has enough juice to recharge your smartphone or devices more than once, but is exceptionally slim and lightweight so it isn’t a nuisance to bring with you and won’t take up too much real estate in your bag or pocket.