fitness gadgets battery pack

Top fitness gadgets to get you in shape this spring

fitness gadgets battery pack

With bathing suit season right around the corner, many of us are aiming to lose a few pounds as quickly as possible.

There are very few of us who wouldn’t want to lose a handful of pounds to achieve a healthier and slimmer looking body, so with swimsuit season right around the corner, fitness gadgets are flying off the shelves.

There are many different battery operated devices that can help us get the most out of a gym membership.

Fitness gadgets are certainly not hard to find, so the challenge is actually in discovering the options that are best for you. Consider the way that you work out every day and how the various devices will be able to help you with that. There are various types of wearables out there, particularly in the forms of different kinds of trackers for your health and performance stats. However, there are also other devices that are meant to help you to enjoy your workout a little bit more, so you’ll always be able to power through it and will be more likely to keep it up instead of giving up on it after only a few sessions.

The following are some of the top fitness gadgets to help you to get that hot body you’ve always wanted.

• The Fitbit – could any workout gadget be complete without mentioning the most popular fitness tracker in the world? This device measures various different factors such as your calories burned, your steps, the number of flights of stairs you’ve taken, your heart rate, your sleep quality, the distance you’ve traveled, and more. It allows you to use it on its own, or in conjunction with a computer or smartphone app.
• Spree headband – this is also a fitness tracker but it’s a bit different from the other ones on the market. Not only is it unique because it’s worn on your head and not on your wrist or hooked onto your clothing, but it also provides you feedback about your current core body temperature. It also offers info about your speed, distance traveled, heart rate, and even your GPS location. It hooks up with the Smart Performance App to let you track your performance over time while you set and achieve your goals.
• Withings Smart Body Analyser – instead of being wearable technology, this device provides you with an alternative to your usual bathroom scale. Instead of demoralizing you, this one is meant to give you feedback about a larger number of factors that can help you determine the true progress your body is making.
• Mogix portable charger – if you want these devices to work, then you’ll need to make sure they’re always powered up. It’s surprising how short the battery life can be on many devices, particularly wearables. Keep a power bank nearby and you’ll never run out of juice for tracking with your fitness gadgets.