Back to School Tech Gadgets and Accessories

Top 3 best back to school tech for 2019

Back to School Tech Gadgets and Accessories

Students rely on the right affordable and functional technology to get grades and have fun.

As the 2019 academic year gets started, last minute back to school tech shopping is well underway. There are some gadgets that are absolutely necessary for students. It’s important to be sure you’ve selected the right ones.

The right technology for students can help to define the school year from start to finish.

The first step you can take to make sure that you have every one of the back to school tech gadgets and accessories you need is to check any supply lists provided by the teachers of the courses. Sometimes those are distributed before the start of the academic year. That said, some teachers prefer to present them on the first day of classes.

Whether you have your list or not, there are some gadgets you simply know you’ll need. These are devices that students require regardless of what specific type of scientific calculator or other gadget teachers recommend.

Use the following list of back to school gadgets to inspire your shopping list for 2019’s academic year.

  1. Portable battery charger – The external battery pack you’ll need depends on the types of device you will be using during the school year. Will you be using your phone at lunchtime and after class? The odds are that you’ll just need a slim version that will hold a couple of charges for your phone. If you’ll be using a tablet to take notes and/or draw, or if you’ll be using your phone to conduct searches or take part in classes in other ways, you’ll want a lightweight high capacity backup battery.
    The Mogix 10,400 mAh Universal External Battery pack has a huge capacity and two charging ports that let you recharge your phone, tablet, or both, or you can charge your device and let a friend in need charge theirs simultaneously. The 5,000 mAh Cell Phone Portable Charger from the same brand makes sure your phone will always have the juice you need even if you forgot to charge it the night before.
  2. Headphones – It can be tempting to grab a pair of ear buds from the dollar store when you need headphones. That said, you likely won’t be saving yourself much money. Not only do they have poor sound quality, but they don’t last long, either. You’ll end up paying and paying as you replace them again and again. That’s hard on your wallet and the environment! Invest in a great pair of noise cancelling headphones to help drown out the racket when you’re on the bus or even while you’re trying to study.
  3. Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen – It’s all well and good to write things down on paper, but why not simultaneously record everything digitally? That way, while you have a hard copy of your notes, you can also store everything you’ve written in your laptop. That makes it far easier to organize, share and review your notes without having to lug all those papers with you everywhere you go. If you’re someone who seems prone to having papers go missing, then this gadget will be especially handy. Add your files to the cloud and you’ll be able to read your notes on your phone, tablet, or any other back to school tech you’ve added to your bag this year.

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