see fall colors

How to Best See the Fall Colors and Embrace the Season

see fall colors

This is a fantastic time to get outside in nature to see Mother Nature’s artwork all over the country.

Do you love going out to see the fall colors as the leaves start changing? Who doesn’t? It’s glorious on all fronts.  Whether you’re exploring Napa Valley on a wine tour that takes you through the changing colors of the vineyards or you’re wondering at the tundra’s reds, yellows and greens at Denali National Park in Alaska, you’re sure to find something magical in every state.

This year, make the autumn colors a truly memorable time for you and your family.

There are many things you can do at this year to see the fall colors.  Enjoying this time can create memories (and photographs) that will last a lifetime. You can head out to a number of experiences available within an easy drive of your home or even plan a family weekend – or week-long – vacation to experience somewhere a little farther away.

Just remember to bring the right items with you to be sure you don’t miss a single part of the experience while you’re out enjoying nature’s artwork.

Here are some top activities to see fall colors, and what you shouldn’t forget to bring.

  • Choose your own pumpkin – Do you have your Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin yet? No? It sounds like you’re all set to head out to the local pumpkin patch! By its very nature, a pumpkin patch will be located somewhere with a lot of space and, more than likely, gorgeous trees in the midst of changing color. Don’t forget hiking boots or even rain boots if it has been rainy lately. If you plan to walk in fields then mud is a definite possibility.
  • Go for a drive – Head out of the city and drive where your spirit takes you. Take the time to look around and breathe.  You’ll love the opportunity to leave the busy city behind you.  Aim for locations with lots of hills if you want the most magnificent vistas.  Don’t forget to keep your 5-in-1 emergency tool within reach so you can test your tire pressure and tread depth before leaving, and you’ll know you’re ready for anything while you’re on the road.
  • Go for a hike – Take a trip to your nearest national park or another great place with fantastic hiking trails. Keep your phone handy because you’re going to see perfect picture opportunities virtually everywhere you look.  Don’t forget to pack your portable phone charger, too.  That external battery pack is great peace of mind.  You’ll know you can take all the pictures you want without risking running out of charge in case you need to contact someone in case you aren’t sure how to get back to where you should be while you’re taking in the wonder of being able to see the fall colors.

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