iphone tricks

iPhone tricks that make iOS 8 more awesome

iphone tricks

The latest version of the Apple mobile operating system offers lots of neat new features that are being overlooked.

The latest smartphones from Apple may be flying off the shelves and selling out everywhere you look, but many of the owners of these devices and previous versions that are now running on iOS 8 are missing out on a lot of awesome little iPhone tricks that help to get the most out of what these devices can offer.

Users may know that the options are there, but don’t really know how to use them to their fullest.

For example, you may know that the camera has undergone an extensive upgrade in the latest smartphones, and the picture and video features have been improved significantly in iOS 8, but do you really know how to use that to your best advantage in everyday life? Probably not. For example, one of the most handy iPhone tricks has to do with making sure that you always get the best possible selfie.

Just use burst mode and hold the shutter button down while you give your hottest smiles or goofiest expressions. Then, just head over to your photos where you can select the ones that you like the most. Never again will you suffer from the selfie that should never have happened!

These iPhone tricks can even help your social life by helping your friends find you when they’re nearby.

Just go to details, select location, and tap “send my current location”. That will give your present location, on a map, to your friends, so that if you’re close by, you can easily find one another and head out to grab a coffee, shop, or just talk.

You can now respond to a text without having to leave your app. When you receive the notification at the top of the screen, just swipe down. Type a response and send it, and you’ll be sent right back to your app, again, where you left off.

Find out what is draining your battery by selecting the settings option. Choose “general” and then scroll down to “usage”. From there, select “battery usage” and you’ll be able to see how much battery is being used by each of your apps. This will allow you to decide how you would like to manage them. That is, you can delete the draining apps that you don’t need, or simply use them less when you know you’re running out of juice. It will also let you know when you might need your external battery charger more often, if you are aware that you will need to use the energy draining apps more often.

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